Tips for Selecting the Best Credit Card in Singapore

With the so many credit cards in Singapore to choose from, selecting the right one can be challenging. Below are some essential tips to assist you in applying for the best credit card in Singapore that suits your lifestyle and needs.
Cash Discounts Versus Points
If you are the kind of person who does not keep track of the number of points you have accumulated, you should select the cash discount cards.Read more about Credit Card at EnjoyCompare. These cards offer discounts at places where you go frequently for daily necessities. For instance, some credit cards in Singapore will give up to 8% cash discount on various everyday expenditures such as transport, grocery shopping at stores and refuelling at petrol stations. But for those people who like exchanging points for air miles, discounts and shopping vouchers, then the ideal card for them would be the point or the reward card. With this card, they can get points for every dollar they spend on the card. For them to earn more points, they should visit any bank since they offer accelerated points whenever they spend money at specific places. 

Watch out for Special Perks
Different credit cards will offer different privileges. Some cards may offer travel privileges while others may not. So, if you love to travel in comfort, you should choose a card that provides you with access to experimental travel bonuses. Some credit cards in Singapore will give you complimentary access to selected airport lounges so that you can unwind before getting on a flight. Know the Fees for Different Credit Cards
Apart from credit card perks, it is a good idea to weigh different cards and check the credit card fees and charges before you apply for one. Here are some of the key charges and fees to pay attention to when applying for a card.
o Annual feesMost credit cards in Singapore come with an annual fee, which varies from time to time. to get more info about Credit Card view website. For the first year, it may be complementary, but as time goes by, it will be automatically charged to your credit card account every year. For this reason, you should contact your bank to see if this can be waived. 

o Late Fees Late fees are fees that are incurred if a person fails to pay the minimum amount of money on time. If you are late to make the payments, most credit cards in Singapore will require you to pay 5% of the minimum amount due or S$50.
In short, these are the three things that you should consider when choosing a credit card. If you follow them carefully, choosing the best credit card in Singapore will no longer be a tricky proposition.Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_Card_in_Singapore.